Microsystems Technology
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Bachelor lectures

  • VU Orientation ETIT (350.002) - Semester: WS/SS
    This - obligatory - course gives an orientation for first year students in the field and in the study program of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.
  • VO Sensor Systems (366.071) - Semester: WS
    In this lecture, you will familiarize yourself with basic fabrication technologies for MEMS and develop an understanding of the physical effects, which form the foundation of most microsensors.
  • VU Selected Topics - Microsensortechnology (366.074) - Semester: WS
    As part of this LVA, you can get to know modern production processes in microsystems technology first hand including hands-on experience. Prior to the practical part, a seminar will be held.
  • VO Materials (366.104) - Semester: WS
    In this LVA, you will learn to interpret and understand the mechanical, magnetic and electrical properties of materials with respect to the materials structure. In addition, a basic knowledge to access orders of magnitude of various material properties will be conveyed.
  • UE Materials (366.105) - Semester: WS/SS
    This tutorial supplements the lecture 366.104 Materials.
  • UE Practical Introduction to the Finite Element Method (366.106) - Semester: SS
    After an introduction to the fundamentals of the finite element method, the knowledge will be deepened through practical exercises.

Master lectures

  • VU Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) (366.085) - Semester: SS
    In this lecture, you will develop a basic understanding of the foundations of microfabricated sensory and actuatoric devices and systems regarding current and future-oriented applications.
  • VU Materials, processes and technologies for MEMS (366.086) - Semester: SS
    In this lecture you will learn about alternative materials to silicon in microsystems technology with a focus on silicon carbide.
  • VO Actuators (366.087) - Semester: WS
    The lecture covers actuator principles in microsystems, the corresponding MEMS devices and the essential basics in mechanics and fluidics.
  • UE Lab Microsystems Technology (366.088) - Semester: WS/SS
    Laboratory course providing hands-on experience on actual topics in the fields of technology and characterization of MEMS devices.
  • VO Micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (366.090) - Semester: WS
    Presentation of actual, industrial relevant topics from the MEMS/NEMS field presented by renowned industry representatives. Discussion of the presented concepts.
  • SE MEMS Technology and Devices (366.091) - Semester: WS/SS
    Compiling an overview on an actual MEMS-related research topic. Discussion and evaluation of the results published in the relevant literature.
  • VO Theory, modelling and simulation of MEMS and NEMS devices (366.103) - Semester: WS
    This lecture provides the necessary theoretical, mathematical and numerical foundations for the simulation and modeling of micro- and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS / NEMS).
  • VO Prozesstechnologien der Mikroelektronik, Photonik und der Mikrosystemtechnik (362.144) - Semester: WS
    In this LVA knowledge of the key processes and the technology families for the production of modern structures, components and components of nanoelectronics, photonics and microsystems technology is taught.